EL CO 2009 Part 1

If you live in So Cal and are into vintage iron, then you probably look forward each year to the El Camino Classic MC show and swap meet. Now that both the Ventura and Del Mar shows are no more, it's our only truly vintage venue. But, if we are to only have one, it's the one to have... and we almost lost it too!

Projects looking for the right caretaker.

This knuck featured a poorly done Faux patina paint job that just ain't working. It looks like black paint was rubbed way too evenly over it's entire surface. It needs to be a bit more random with some rubbed thru areas, chips, etc. to sell it.

A tidy Pan in the "Noise" space. I chatted with the owner and T-Bone (who assisted with the build), and complemented their work. It has some very clean mid controls set up. You really need to see the shifter side. It also featured a glide handlebar clamp nicely integrated into the top tree.

Mike (Born Loser), Davis had a space and was promoting the upcoming Born Free show.

Interesting take on stuffing a Knuck in a VL. Nicely done, but the seat, tank, and whole stock looking fork, fender, horn, light and bars aren't working for me. I'd like to see a more aggressive bobbed look.

Looks better from this side, but who has 35k for a toy these days?

I'd guess '20-'23. Wheel rims don't appear to be originals.

This Sport Twin is looking for a new home. Harley was literally going in a quite different direction with this "Opposed Boxer Twin" design. Looks like half a VW turned sideways. It also may have the longest intake manifold in all of motorcycling, and yes, that casting includes the exhaust manifold too. It's heat makes up for the loss of atomization the long path creates. I suppose VW's have those pre-heater tubes for the same reason. I believe they had a run from 1918 to 1922.

I hope this Knucklehead gets some paint and isn't left rusty and bare.

Nice to see old cases are still available, but I shudder to think their cost.

When I was a kid, Hodaka was a magic word.

This well built 45 from Biltwell was being offered for 7k.

You'd be hard pressed to build one for that.

This chopped one has a nice stance. I didn't ask the price.

Since the clutch lever needs to be modified and a sharp bend is required, you don't see too many up sweeps of this type on 45's.

A decked out UL.

I prefer riders like this to pristine show bikes.

KR top on a WL bottom stuffed with WR goodies.

Any color you want, as long as it's Black!

H-D singles are pretty rare. Unless it's an overhead racer, you really shouldn't call them Pea Shooters. The twin lights probably makes it a '28.

I hadn't seen Grace McKean at El Camino for some time. She told me it had been 15 years! Sneaky Paparazzi stalks behind the Indian.

Stay Young... Ride a Bike. Grace stands proud with her 45. She purchased it new in '51 at the tender age of of 17. You do the math.

The old gal is holding up real good... You decide.

So far, these shots are just from the swap meet area. I'll post more later.
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