Essence, N Hoyne & W Potomac, Chicago, IL

Essence rides a Yellow Collegiate Schwinn.  It was a birthday gift from her boyfriend.

What are you wearing?  I'm wearing a yellow shirt because it's my favorite color, and it matches the bike too which is cool. I wear my helmet for protection. You can never  be too safe on a bike.
Where are you going?  I'm just riding around. I typically ride from Wicker Park into Bucktown and just follow the wind. I don't really plan my routes. I just go off of my instincts. I quit when I feel like I've had enough.I try to ride for at least an hour a day..I think it's a nice way to entertain myself without spending money plus it's great exercise. 
Why ride?  Riding is a lot more exhilarating than walking or running. I feel free from my stress when I ride my bike. I guess it's an adrenaline rush...
Favorite ride?  My favorite ride is on the Lake Front... I love riding down to the lake and just riding along the beach. I usually take Division down because it's a lot safer than North.
While riding you …?  While riding I'm free from stress and I just turn my i pod down really low and let the music guide me.
Do you have any tips?  Practice makes perfect. The more you ride the better you become. So, don't get discouraged if you don't ride as fast or as skillfully as someone else. Biking is all about you. Your personal pace and having a good time.
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