Good by to ASIA, Back in the USA

Me on the banks of the Thu Bon River, Hoi An, Vietnam Motorbikes are EVERYWHERE.

While my trip to Asia was fantastic, I have to admit, I much prefer photographing the cyclists of Chicago.  One if my favorite things about posting local images, is learning tidbits about each person, and seeing how they bring their individual style to their bike.  The language barrier really prevented that in Vietnam and Cambodia.  That said, I'm really glad to have seen how seamlessly the Vietnamese and Cambodians incorporate their bicycles into daily life, not for any political or environmental reasons, but for sheer economic reason.  Cycling is the most efficient and cost effective form of transportation around.  They don't think they are "exercising," it is just the best way to get from point A to point B.  No one rides anywhere fast (except the occasional teen boy), they take their time.  One day back in Chicago, and I am being cut off, from the inside, by some dick on a mountain bike that couldn't possibly be shown up by a girl in heels.  I propose mandatory etiquette classes to some of the new cyclists of Chicago.

I am very excited to start posting pics from the sweltering heat that is now Chicago.  Coming soon: another Guys week.  Gentlemen, I have been remiss in ignoring you.  Please, if you are feeling particularly fancy, flag me down and make me take your picture.  I'll be the girl heading down State St. with the tripod strapped to the back of her bike.
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