LBSM 5/24/09

Usually the meet is smaller when it's on Memorial Day weekend. As a matter of fact, I thought about not going because of it. Well, not this year. Is it the economy? Were more folks staying in town looking for some cheap entertainment?

This simple form of a chop has made a big come back

My brother's favorite of the day

At LB you can count on seeing a few older bikes

This '29 J model was ridden in too.

This character insisted on posing with this tight shovel, not his. By the looks of the fender, those shocks can't have any travel.

Movie Land Wax museum Dragon Bike replica

While not a perfect replica, it's still very nice.

Nice set up but, I'm getting real tired of bare/unfinished looking bikes. To be fair, maybe it's not done. Primer's OK. You don't need perfect paint or chrome, just no bare metal.

This 47 knuckle's been showing up off and on for probably the last 10 years.

Like it or not, there's always something different rolling in.

A blending of new and old. Evo's are still new to me.

Color coordinated

Here's an interesting bike.

I'll bet it fools a lot of people. The little peeps standing on the backseat didn't like their picture taken.

I don't usually shoot the newer machines but, this one caught my lens. Interesting color.

While not my style, it's fun to look at

Narrow bars and

... knotty pipes

Fixing a cracked pipe mount with tie-wraps.

Lately, I've been just shooting bikes of interest. Maybe next time I'll shoot a few of the seller's spaces plus some that relay the feel and scope of this event.
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