Born-Free 3 #4 The last post

This will likely be the last full post I do on the show. Not to mention, by now, you've probably seen most of the same bikes over and over again.

I like old Triumphs the best when they tight and simple. That is not to say that it's simple to build a bike like this.

It's not hard to make a rigid look good, so I'm always interested to see how different guys handle a swing arm bike.

Hogan, who won the best bobber also owns this Panhead. I sort of have a problem with white frames... not the most practical color for and old Harley.

VL frames have made a comeback. Some make room for an overhead mill better than others. This is one of the better ones. Also, It appears the hard tail was replaced with a EL/FL rear section.

Josh resets the knuckle just before the winner is announced. I think he's doing a double take to make sure it ain't gonna fall off it's side stand. The guy with all the camera gear is the famous biker photog Michael Lichter.

One different way to set up a shovel. The rear seat doubles as an auxiliary fuel tank.

Shameless Self Promotion. A few goodies in my booth. I hand color (paint), black and white line art prints. The goal is to make and sell affordable one off original art.

This very cool 1938 knucklehead was runner up for the Best Bobber Award. It was a very tough decision between it and the Panhead I ultimately picked.

It wasn't just choppers. Todd had his own display full of antique bikes. This all original cop bike ran like a sewing machine.

I may post a individual shot of a particular bike here and there, other than that... That's all folks!
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