Long Beach Twofer

I haven't posted any in awhile, so here's a few pics from the last two swap meets. It was raining the days before each meet and both times cleared just in time with some perfect swap meet weather.

January 24th

I followed this chopped Sporty in and had to get a better look. You might say, today's take on a '70's bike.

A slight mix of parts from different years makes it a bit hard to tell it's a '68. It was pretty cold (by So Cal standards), before the the sun got high, hence the frosty windshield.

From Reseda to LB. Flathead Fern's son braved the early morning cold aboard his recently acquired Shovel.

No, the Knuckle wasn't for sale, but rather a rebuild for customer pick up.

There's always a interesting bike or trike or two for sale.

A rather strange mixture of parts and colors makes up one man's idea of the perfect bike.

'48 basket anyone? If only I had the bucks.

The box was from an old bakery.

Flathead Fern and son. One of the regulars that has pre-Evo stuff. You can pretty much see how nice the day turned out.

February 28th
The rain stopped again.

As soon as I walked in, I came face to face with this very original '78 75th Anniversary Sportster. 75 for H-D not XL's. It's a little hard to tell here, but the wheels are gold. It sort of set the theme (Sportsters), for the day.

Didn't know they made a Twin-Cam in '38.

Since my first bike was a '71, I have a soft spot for them. I like how simple, skinny, and small this one looks.

Spotted just seconds after Kirk of Sporty Specialties mentioned how often early Sportsters seem to turn up even though their numbers were very few.

A bona fide '57. Engine numbers don't lie.... well at least, most of the time.

I was caught off guard coming across The Baker Shaker from the Kemosabe blog. It's kind of weird seeing a bike in person after online. Sometimes it seems, if you wait long enough, everything eventually shows up at Long Beach.

Mike "Born Loser" D. holds court and promoting the Born-Free show at his usual spot. Hold the date, June 12th.
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