Jeannette, W Chicago Ave & N Sangamon St, Chicago, IL

Jeannette rides a single speed Murray Townie
What are you wearing?  
Minnetonka moccasins from a the 80s that I got from an antique store in Milwaukee, WI.
Pants that I ripped apart into shorts. My mom's African brocade top from her designer friend Koro in Burkina Faso (West Africa). H&M sunglasses I got in Bordeaux France. I love it when every piece of my clothing carries a story. 

Tell me about your bike, and where you got it?
Sparkly green single speed Murray townie. I found next to a dumpster underneath the California blue line stop 5 years ago. The wheels & the seat were missing but I fell in love with the sparkly handlebars & pinup girl stickers so I took it home & slapped on some wheels & found a matching bike seat. I also converted the bike to a back pedal brake which I absolutely adore.

Where are you going?
David Barton Gym for my weekly training. Gotta get back into shape after a busy school year finishing my Industrial Design degree.

Why ride?
I never learned to drive and never really gotten in the mood to ever try to and the exercise I get from biking helps me wake up every morning instead of drinking coffee. Plus I love weaving through cars and traveling faster than the bus.

Favorite ride?
Anywhere where there's a bike lane. lol

How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or be more bike friendly?
Chicago really needs to fix their pothole issue, for some odd reason the potholes are always in the bike lanes. They also need to have a separate bike lane apart from cars. The lanes are between traffic and parked cars and my biggest fear is getting doored into traffic. When people get out of their cars they never pay attention to the bike traffic. I recently watched the film Urbanized (by the same producers as Objectified and Helvetica) and the Mayor of Bogota, Colombia fixed that issue by creating bike lanes on the opposite side of the parked cars, away from the car traffic. If we could address this issue in our city, it would make biking a lot safer and we would see a lot less ghost bikes around the city.
It would also be really cool if there were bike racks inside the L trains like they do in Portland with their Max light rail system. I was fascinated when I saw that.
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