Field Trip!

Good morning, evening, middle of the night, middle of the day, or whatever time it is here in whatever country I'm in.

Frankly, I've lost track.

This post must be brief, for I am at this moment preparing to head from London to the Brooks factory in Birmingham.  Needless to say I'll be undertaking this journey by "Boris Bike," which means I should be able to make it there and back in roughly four days.  I'm also pretty nervous about my visit, mostly because it will involve seeing people working, and as a semi-professional bike blogger and book author I haven't done an honest day's work in something like three years.

In short, I exude sloth, and the hardworking Brooksians are bound to smell it radiating off of me like smugness off of a Portlander.

Pending my return (assuming I return and do not meet my fate at the chamferer's blade), in the interest of inspiring more recumbent commentary I'd like to share this specimen that I spotted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn shortly before departing:

As you can see, recumbents clearly represent the next phase of hardcore "urban cycling," and this one features not only homemade foot retention:

But also a battle-scarred and duct-taped seat that, in the unlikely event of a water landing, could probably serve as a flotation device:

Sure it's not pretty, but I'm guessing it does the job, and anyway not everybody can afford one of those exquisite handmade Brooks recumbent saddles:

(Brooks B17 Recumbent, aka the "Lazy Bloke")

In any event, I will update you upon my return, and until then I reman,

Faithfully yours,

--Wildcat Rocking Chair

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