Ironhead Ron's Born (Free) Again XLCH

This story is much like the tale of the mythical Phoenix and it's ability to be reborn from its own ashes.

Ron pays tribute to his new incentive. A fitting coincidence since the colors of the bike match the Born-Free logo.

Ironhead Ron built this '58 XLCH several years ago (in this basic form), but dumped it while goofing around off road. Later, he took it's heart, and around it built a rigid frame blaster that ended it's riding days in a much worst fate. The kind of episode in which one wakes up in a hospital with many months of rehabilitation to look forward to.

Not your typical Harley's set of bars. Ron has no qualms about borrowing from other sources.

Once well enough to turn a wrench, Ron returned to building 3 of his other bikes. He hated the reminder, so the wrecked '58 rigid sat at one side of the garage under a blanket for about 3 years. The original damaged swing arm roller sat at the other side.

Maybe we should call him Socket Head Ron. He definitely has a thing for Allen head bolts

Since three other projects were in the works, he figured one day he would throw the engine back into swinger and sell it to help fund the other projects. Then, two things happened. 1. Ron can't just throw a bike back together without a ton of additional mods. 2. Born-Free 4 became a great incentive to get it done.

It's hammer time!

Cool oil filter (pun intended). Did I mention Ron likes Socket Heads?

Ron likes to file, shave and detail every inch of his machines. Note the socket head axle and drilled axle spacer.

It's an easy bet scenes like this are taking place in numerous garages (in the wee hours of the night), right up to show time.

The Mythical Phoenix

For Ron, Born Free 4 represents a double rebirth. Sort of a coming out celebration of man and machine, since both haven't seen the wind for 3 years.
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