BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

When you think of cycling in New York City, you think of David Byrne (who doesn't own a car), and valet bike parking at Wilco concerts in Prospect Park, and left-leaning young people with crooked Bern helmets and "muffin tops" riding Urban Outfitters bikes to jobs in graphic design.  Meanwhile, when you think of cycling in the American South, you think of getting run off the road by people in pick-up trucks, getting attacked by beagles on dirt roads, and being chased away from moonshine stills by blunderbuss-wielding bootleggers.

Well, stereotypes are dangerous, because nothing could be further from the truth.  Firstly, artisanal bootlegging is currently the hottest thing going in Brooklyn, pickup trucks are the new fixie, and blunderbusses are the new iPhone.  Secondly, meet William "Billy" Carrington, Kentucky's foremost bicycle advocate:

I fell asleep about a minute and a half in, but I gather he wants you to ride a bike.  Also, would it kill you to pick up the phone and call someone once in awhile?

I'll spare you his talk on the Olympics, but it may not surprise you to learn he's rooting for the USA.

Speaking of misconceptions, there are people who dismiss Rapha as a purveyor of overpriced cycling accessories, but the fact is they have many satisfied customers, such as this one who took the time to email me recently:

youre always ragging on Rapha chamois cream...i got some and now my nuts smell amazing

Presumably he either found someone willing to smell his "pants yabbies" for him, or else he's extremely flexible.  Either way, I'll take his word for it.

And now, I'm pleased to present you with a quiz.  As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer.  If you're right you'll crow like the Dorking cockerel, and if you're wrong you'll see Belgians.

Thanks very much for reading, ride safe this weekend, and for Lob's sake would you just take the time to pick up the phone and call someone?  Sheesh.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

1) According to Yahoo!, the 2012 Tour de France was won by Stanley Wiggins.


2) The 2012 Olympic road course does not visit which of the following?

--Box Hill
--Gropecunt Lane

("Do these glasses make me look smart?")

3) Mark Cavendish says his "biggest extravagance" is:

--His six cars
--His forty-seven motorcycles
--His billiard room decorated by fashion designer Paul Smith
--Peta Todd's upper half

(Cycling commentator Phil Liggett selects a baby kangaroo for roasting.)

4) Phil Liggett believes that including mountain biking and BMX in the Olympics is:

--"A welcome opportunity for a new generation of athletes"
--"Absolutely disgraceful"

5) According to Nashbar, the Opera Super Leonardo will have you:

--"jumping for joy"
--"giggling like a schoolgirl"
--"singing in a falsetto"
--"cradling your 'pants yabbies' in agony"

6) The long-awaited New York City bike share system will debut:

--Next week
--Next month
--Next year

7) An Australian cyclist who was arrested for drunk cycling because he was "swerving along Bower Rd and struggling to maintain control of his bike" turned out simply to be a sober triathlete on a training ride.


***Special USA-Themed Bonus Question***

(Team USA will leave the competition in their helmet mirrors at this year's Olympic Games.)

In celebration of American Fred-dom, the USA men's Olympic cycling team will wear the above jersey with a pair of half-shorts.


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