It ain't El Camino if it's not at El Camino, or...

...Bigger Ain't Always Better!

I was very disappointed when I received the mailer announcing the location change. Once I visited their website I found that they couldn't have it at El Camino College since the parking structure is being refitted for seismic reasons, but they won't be bringing it back! since they claim they turn away 30 to 50 vendors. Now, anybody who's been there knows, it's already big enough. Once you take in all the vendors, there's little time to check out the show, or visa versa.

The bigger problem I have with the change. Maybe I'm selfish since El Camino (in Torrance), is only about 4 miles from my home, but if you consider the weather differences, it's a bad move for all. September is one of the hottest times of year in Socal and that already made for warm temperatures for some years.

I compared the 5 day forecast highs of the two locations by their zip codes today. El Camino: Today 80°, Friday 84°. Iriwindale: Today 94°, Friday 100°. If this keeps up, I may blow it off and just go to the Long Beach Swap the next day, which my brother mentioned would have been a good temporary location since LB Veterans Stadium is not usually booked on Saturdays.

By the way, yes, things always change. The show hasn't really been at El Camino for 37 years, but actually since 1987. For weather and space, that change was for the better than when it was in the mall parking lots of La Mirada and La Habra. Another change. Unlike the current promoter states, it used to always be on the first Saturday in October.

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