Case Closed

Here's an update on the post below.

I sent the punk a cease and desist letter and while doing so I had already received the following email from the offending party:

"Hello, Let me start by explaining I found your image on (a link to your blog was not attached) I used your bike as a template basically drew over it creating a whole new image, shape by shape. I was not aware this was new work. I thought it was an old 70's drawing. nor did I do my research. My apologies if you feel I have stolen your work. For your information I did not make any money off of this poster. Now that I know where the original inspiration comes from I can give you credit". is an image sharing site and have terms and conditions regarding copyright infringement. It is not a free use site.

"A whole new image?... original inspiration"?

A source of inspiration should not be so evident. Artist and designers all use reference materials so, I truly wouldn't have minded him using the image if he had at least made an honest attempt to make some changes to my art for the basis of his design.

After receiving the cease and desist he then wrote:

"Dont have a cow man. Its just a poster of a motorcycle. I did not print any of these. This was not commissioned. I have removed the image from facebook. This image was not reproduced or printed".

Copyleft. "all wrongs reserved"

"It's just a motorcycle poster."
Maybe, but it shows how ignorant he is. If he had any real sense or creativity he wouldn't be so totally dismissive of the hours of my work that was the basis of his poster.

He attached this copyleft symbol to the email which is sort of a free use symbol. Even if you subscribe to the practice, you must grant the rights first.

I will not waste my time responding to his baited reply. Hopefully one day he will learn the error of his ways.
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