BSNYC Friday Fun Quiz!

Did you know that tomorrow is World Car-Free Day?

Well, it is--at least according to somebody on Twitter.  I was tremendously excited when I saw this, but only because at first glance I thought it said "World Free Car Day:"

I'd totally take a free car, unlike David Byrne, who does not own one--though apparently he will rent one, at least according to this compendium of quotations:

I never listen to the radio unless I rent a car.
David Byrne

That's the equivalent of claiming to be a non-smoker because you never buy cigarettes, you just grub them off of others.

In other news, a reader informs me that a lucky woman recently received Mario Cipollini's autograph:

("I'll never wash this ass again.")

However, she didn't actually ask for it.  That's just how Mario Cipollini shakes hands.

And now, I'm pleased to present you with a quiz.  As always, study the item, think, and click on your answer.  If your'e right you'll know it, and if you're wrong you'll see a music video.

Thanks very much for reading, ride safe, and beware of Cipos bearing Sharpies.

--Wildcat Rock Machine

(This blew minds at Interbike 1860.)

1) The hottest thing at this year's Interbike is:

--Road bikes with disc brakes
--650b mountain bikes
--Belt drives

2) This structure qualifies as a cockpit because:

--It is "a space or compartment" in a "small vehicle" from which it is "steered, piloted, or driven"
--One could theoretically hold a cockfight in it
--It is awesome
--All of the above

3) This bicycle features:

--"Clipless pedals"
--"Clipness peddles"
--"Clip tow paddles"
--"Clit tongue puddles"

(A zillion Freds enter, one Fred leaves.)

4) Which is not a rule for the Gran Fondo National Championship?

--"Rider may use any standard bicycle that has two wheels and is not a recumbent.  This includes Road bikes, TT bikes, and mountain bikes"
--"All riders must submit to drug testing as per USADA protocols"
--"No recumbent bicycles allowed"
--"All bicycles must have working breaks"

(Mavic engineer testing the company's new ultralight accordion.)

5) DFU stands for:

--Diminutive Frenchman Unit
--Demonstrative Francophonic Ululation
--Don't Forget Underpants
--Don't Fuck Up

6) 110 days after being mounted by Mario Cipollini, this statue of a male lion gave birth to a litter of six cubs.


7) Which castmember of the 1986 film "Pretty In Pink" recently crashed during the bike leg of a triathlon?

--Molly Ringwald
--Andrew McCarthy
--Jon Cryer
--Harry Dean Stanton

***Special Saving The Earth-Themed Bonus Question***

(In case you were wondering.)

According to a Yale professor, bicycles reduce:

--Fossil fuel consumption

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